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Design / Plan

Your first stop after signing your new home contract will be  the house plan.  Plans can be done in house then sent over to architect for final drawing.   


Once plans are complete design begins.  Personalize your home will be fun and relaxing.   Here you will select everything from cabinets and flooring to all of your plumbing and lighting fixtures.  There are many different styles and budgets.


Permit /Utility Set Up

Upon final plan approval permits will be obtained and Utilities set up in order to start the construction process

permit pic.jpg


Now that the slab is poured, we will get started framing your home to match the plans and specifications.


Pre Sheetrock 

Once all your mechanicals are installed,, inspections are made by city officials, then onto insulation.  



Finish carpentry that includes stair trim out, cabinets, countertops, trim, doors, and mantles is completed. 


Tops & Fixtures 

Electrical, HVAC and plumbing  trim out is completed.  Mirrors and shower doors can be installed . 


Building Final 

A final building inspection is completed and your home is now ready for your Homeowner Orientation. Any item that you believe needs our attention can be identified.

Close on your home and Your Ready to Move In!    We thrive on making the building process a Very Enjoyable and Easy Experience!!

home sweet home.jpg


Estimating and budgeting based off your personal options is key at this stage so that you can decide how much you want to spend and in what area of your home .


Site Prep/Foundation

Your home site is cleared and prepped for pouring the foundation. Forms are set and plumbing rough is completed. Inspection by city officials,   Once we are through all the inspections it's time to pour your foundation.



Here is where will start putting in windows, installing your roof and all your electrical, plumbing, and low voltage wiring.



After pre-sheetrock inspections are complete, sheetrock installation begins and is followed by the taping, bedding, and texturing of the walls. The flatwork, which includes driveways, sidewalks, and patios can be installed anytime after this point.



Interior walls and trim are painted. Vanities are now installed.   Baths and backsplash are tiled.



The floors are laid. Trim hardware and locks are installed. Landscaping can be completed. Final clean of the interior and exterior is done and appliances are checked.

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